Once engaged your wedding planning process will start. It’s best to work with a wedding planner to guide you through your planning process. One of the many things you will discuss with your wedding planner is design and theme of your luxury wedding invitations. While this can get very overwhelming with all the ideas out on the web I put a little guide together for you with luxury wedding invitation ideas.

Unique and luxury handmade wedding invitations

Your luxury wedding invitation suite will set the tone for your wedding day. Handmade wedding invitations with calligraphy have always something very unique and luxurious to them. When your guests receive this luxury bespoke wedding invitation they already know that your wedding will be gorgeous with full of details. Exquisitely, hand painted stationery features not only the artist’s artwork but sets your luxury wedding invitation design apart. It features your uniqueness and your vision for your wedding day. May it be a luxurious French chateau castle wedding or a high-end elopement you will cherish your one of a kind handmade wedding invitation for the rest of your life. Featured are luxury handmade wedding invitations from “The idea emporium” (black invitations suite) and “Creme de Papier” (white invitation suite). To see more of the weddings behind these invitations click here.

Luxury acrylic wedding invitations

The latest trend in wedding invitations are luxury acrylic wedding invitations. They are the new, fun way to dress up your invitations in a modern yet classy way. The clear acrylic helps your message go above and beyond. l surely will make a statement when your guests receive this very special invite. Featured are luxury acrylic wedding invitations from “The idea emporium”.

Luxury romantic wedding invitations

Luxurious romantic wedding invitations usually are more playful and show more design. Design and color combination are very important here. Most of the time a handmade a drawing of the venue adds a very romantic touch to your suite to let your guests start dreaming about your gorgeous wedding day. Featured are luxury romantic wedding invitations from “Nib and Pixel” (blue / white invitation suite of castle painting), “Jolie and Company” (white invitation suite with landscape painting), “Paper and Home” (blush / white wedding invitation).

Modern luxury letterpress  wedding invitations

Modern luxury letterpress wedding invitations are timeless and elegant. Their unmatched quality speaks for itself and will let your wedding guests know what luxurious wedding of yours they can expect. An elegant wedding deserves a special invitation. Featured here are modern luxury letterpress wedding invitations from “Jolie and Company” (with plain decor) and “Minted”. To see more of a wedding with modern luxury letterpress please click here and here.

Luxury classic letterpress wedding invitations

If you would like to top your luxury letterpress wedding invitation then add a classic look to it. Special calligraphic elements or ornaments will give your luxury classic letterpress wedding invitation that fine art look. Create a complete suite with multiple stationery pieces and a variety of embellishments. Each wedding invitation is expertly printed on thick, luxurious paper using antique and more traditional letterpress designs that will enhance the look and feel of your wedding. For weddings where luxury classic letterpress was used please click here and here.

Modern luxury wedding invitations

If you are looking for a simpler, but still modern luxury wedding invitation then you might want to go for a foil look. Because a stunning accent of gold foil makes an invitation feel just a little bit more special. Or you could enhance your modern luxury wedding invitation with a drawing of your wedding venue. That way your guests will know what to expect and can look forward to your wedding weekend celebration. Featured are modern luxury wedding invitations from “Creme de Papier” (white / turquoise invitation suite with castle drawing).

And more modern luxury wedding invitations are created by “Richard’s Notebook”. GoBella from Richard’s Notebook says: “At Go Bella by Emily Campbell, we believe that every detail of a celebration is part of an immersive experience and deserves expert attention. Richard’s Notebook, our in-house artisan paperie and custom stationery studio, allows us to maximize our design schemes and truly transport our clients and their guests, from the initial save the date to the final thank you note.”

To see more of the wedding behind these invitation ideas please click here and here.