Meet my French dream team!

Stéphanie Fayolle and Celine Bucchini form the team behind Weddings of Excellence in Provence (WEP) – a boutique wedding planning and design service located in the heart of Provence. Stephanie, the founder, started her career in the fashion industry – working for various Parisienne designers. Celine’s education and experience in the floral industry provide her with an ability to share her experiences with everyone looking for invaluable ideas in the wedding industry. WEPs quality, talent, and dedication to their clients was recognized by Style Me Pretty and was, hence, awarded the Vendor of the Year in 2015. Their intimate knowledge of both industries provides then with a unique perspective on how to approach wedding design.

Team Of Weddings Of Excellence In Provence
Why attend our workshop?

This workshop is not an exclusive event.

We welcome wedding photographers from all backgrounds. Whatever your experience level may be - we feel every moment can be a truly learning experience.

We strongly believe every photographer has put great thought into choosing their equipment - film or digital - to showcase their talent. What we want is to lend a hand so you can raise your level using the same tools that have defined your art.

Your experience

In this workshop, you will be guided on how to make the best of natural light. You will also learn to choose the right equipment for every defining occasion.

In addition, we will discuss styling details, posing people, and capturing the finer aspects of an event.

You will gain invaluable experience working and collaborating with experienced wedding professionals.

Guest speakers from famous magazines will elaborate on how to stand out in this crowded and talented field of wedding photographers.

What can you expect?

The workshop offers a 3-day hands-on experience on how to offer the finest for your clients, your fellow vendors, and last but not the least, for yourself - using your talent and art.

We will engage in one-on-one sessions, with professionals, to review your work. The sessions will offer nuances on how to elevate work, and, provide marketing tips on standing out in the crowd.

As a part of this workshop, you will capture the work of professional vendors - stylists, designers, calligraphers, florists, and, models - thereby providing you with rich photographing experience.

After a day of intense work, you will be able to share and discuss ideas with your fellow attendees in a very relaxing setting in beautiful Provence.

To be announced in 2020 - stay tuned!

A beautiful surprise is on its way ....

What is included in your investment?

Workshop Experience
3 days of workshop experience

Food for all 3 days

Shuttle services

More information coming soon

We are working hard to offer you an unforgettable experience in Provence!

How do I register?

Sign up for our next workshop 2020 held in beautiful Provence. More information is on its way ...


Ludovic Grau-Mingot (Ludovic Film Photographer)

Tamara and all her vendors were always in a good mood. I felt like being with family – even with the other attendees.
All shooting sessions were amazing (design / organisation / advice / venues). The contents of this workshop are so helpful to grow your business. I am giving everyone 5 stars and would recommend this workshop to other photographers, who want to get inspired and grow their business.


Brittany Valdez (Gabe+Brit Photographers)

Tamara –
What an incredible workshop! The best I have been yet! I absolutely loved your vision for this workshop and I a so grateful you decided to invest in this education for us. Thank you for your openness in regards to your talks and honesty in regards to your business. What an inspiration you are. Your passion for the success of this workshop really showed through. I am blown away by how many shoots there were and I am so thankful for that!


Valery Villard Photographe

Five stars hands down! Best workshop I could imagine. This workshop was sincerely beyond my expectations and I would definitely recommend it.
It’s a workshop that I will recommend to every photographer, who wants to grow her / his business and her / his mind and work. With this workshop I feel more confident and I feel all the good changes coming!


Diana Augusto

The workshop was so well organized, so well put together that time just passed by so quickly. It was all so beautiful and amazing. I loved the group, and I think the number of photographers was just perfect.
I learned so much from the workshop, and now I am so much more inspired, and Tamara is such a giving person. We could see that she loves to teach and share all her knowledge. I feel so grateful that I got to meet her and that I got to work with her.


Nancy Touranche Photographe

The whole team is a perfect mix of professionalism and human being. It was incredible to see a workshop of this quality packed all in 3 days. It’s intense and with lots of information. Thank you so much for everything. I have no words.


Anna Grinets Photography

Thank you so much for everything. This workshop is unforgettable. Provence, vendors, venue, the group of attendees are going to stay in my heart. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Diana Frohmüller Photography

The whole group of attendees was really nice and it felt like knowing them for a long time. I really enjoyed being here. Everyone was so kind and did a wonderful job. Thanks so much for everything. Loved being part of the team!

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and enjoy Provence with us