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      Being from Munich—the heart of Bavaria—I have always felt connected to the magical Bavarian Alps, especially during the winter. It’s hard to forget the famous Schloss Neuschwanstein castle, which can be found nestled in the mountains and overlooking a picturesque winter wonderland.

      It came as no surprise, then, that when I moved to Colorado and saw the gorgeous mountains, I immediately fell in love. The winter snow and beautiful ridges and peaks make them the perfect backdrop for a magical winter photo session.

      Below are a few tips to make your Colorado snow and mountain photography session one to remember.


      Bride with large red bouquet wearing white gown and groom in black jacket and grey dress pants posing with llama

      1. Choose Your Favorite Mountain Spot for Photos

      First, pick a Colorado mountain location that you love. You’ll be more comfortable here, which will result in more candid and beautiful photos.

      Kelly and Chris are from Vail, so they thought there would be no better place to take their Colorado engagement photos than on Vail Mountain. Originally, the sweet couple wanted to get married on the mountain. However, since they have older family members that they wanted to have present on their wedding day, they concluded that it wasn’t realistic to make their guests make the two-hour hike. Instead, just the three of us—plus their cute pup, Loopy—took the two-hour trek to visit their favorite spots for a photo-op. It quickly became a fun, family engagement session.

      Engaged couple in grassy field with dog at Vail mountain top Beautiful scenic vast mountain view with scattered pine trees Grassy field with stream going through and pine trees to the side Back of couple holding hands with dog besides them looking at distant mountains Man and woman's hands together with dog's paw Bride and groom kissing on top of Vail mountain next to their dog

      2. Incorporate Animals into Your Photos

      The animals you choose to include in your Colorado wedding or engagement photos can be family pets or even those found on a ranch.

      Carly and Tucker already had a vision in mind for their winter Colorado engagement photos, and being the animal lover I am, I was excited to help bring it to life. They wanted to go to the Laughing Valley Ranch to pose alongside mountain animals such as llamas and reindeer. Not only did we all have our share of laughs with these expressive creatures, but we got an incredible view of the mountain.

      Engaged couple with llama and backdrop of pine trees and mountain range Bride with large red bouquet wearing white gown and groom in black jacket and grey dress pants posing with llama Reindeer with large antlers Festive looks of couple having a good time and laughing Bride & groom posing with reindeer Couple at Laughing Valley Ranch with llama and rocky mountain backdrop

      3. Plan Ahead When it Comes to Winter Outfits

      Because the weather in the Rockies can quickly change, plan your attire for your Colorado wedding or engagement photos accordingly.

      Melanie and Ryan are both from Maryland, but Melanie spent a good amount of her childhood in the Colorado mountains. Because of this, she knew just how unpredictable mountain weather could be and planned two outfits for their photos. Her first outfit was formal—a gorgeous white dress that matched the snow-covered hilltops. The second included a cowboy-like hat and brown jacket for a more rustic mountain vibe. Naturally, Ryan also chose two outfits to complement Melanie’s, with a light shirt for formal pictures and a dark sweater for the warmer, rustic photos.

      Engaged couple holding hands on Vail mountaintop Engaged couple standing in a grass field looking off into the distance Portrait of engaged couple smiling wearing matching white outfits during their engagement portraits in Vail Woman in white dress and matching white shoes and man in white button up with black slacks Engaged couple kissing during engagement session Spring engagement portraits in Colorado with low hanging clouds and couple holding hands Woman wearing fringe jacket and man wearing black shirt Couple looking out into the distance with wide view of Vail mountaintop Intimate close up of engaged couple

      4. Use a Gorgeous Floral Bouquet for Photos

      Add a beautiful bouquet as a prop for your engagement photos. The flowers can be arranged by your wedding florist and even serve as a mock-up for your final wedding bouquet.

      Vanessa is originally from the DC area. However, she has always dreamed of taking her winter engagement photos in the Colorado mountains, so I was happy to help make that happen. Her florist, Angela from Bella Lu Floral, created a gorgeous white and blush pink bouquet for her pictures. This spring-like touch was a great contrast to the winter background, comprised of a frozen lake in the Rockies. Vanessa also chose to wear a flowing blush dress with sequins to represent the sparkle of ice in her winter wonderland.

      5. Don’t Be Afraid to Play in the Snow for Your Photos

      As a child, do you remember dreaming of seeing your first snowflake or playing in the snow? Why not relive those childhood memories with your fiance?

      Snow pictures are always perfect for Save the Date cards, and that’s just what Vanessa and her groom-to-be had in mind for these fun Colorado engagement photos. They dressed up in their warm clothes and headed to the Rockies to play in the snow while enjoying the breathtaking views.

      6. Watch the Weather if You Want to Take Snowflake Photos

      If you want to capture some of winter’s first falling snowflakes in your engagement or wedding photos in Colorado, you’ll need to plan ahead. Keep an eye on the weather forecast and let your photographer know that you may need to book a spontaneous session.

      And when you’re done taking those rare photos, check out this pretty winter wedding at Devil’s Thumb Ranch to inspire your own magical wedding plans.

      Scenic view at Devil’s Thumb Ranch Groom and bride kissing in open field Groom embracing bride from behind with bride holding large bouquet Bride at ranch during her winter wedding with mountain backdrop Bride with bridesmaids looking away towards the mountains