Glencoe Beach Engagement Couple in Chicago



Have you ever dreamed doing an engagement session on the beach of Mexico without being in Mexico? Bea and Chris are Chicago natives and both love the beach. Chris grew up in the Glencoe beach area of Chicago and who would have thought that this beach has a touch of Mexico. This Glencoe beach summer engagement session definitely gives us all the Mexico summer vibes.

For their engagement session Bea wore a white dress perfect for all the beach feels. Chris accompanied her with grey summer trousers and a white shirt. Their outfit couldn't have been more ideal for the beach vibes. And to not forget their beloved dog had to be part on this beautiful summer day in Chicago.

Together we strolled along the beach. And guess who had the most fun? Yes, their dog couldn't wait to jump into the lake. It was so much fun! We continued to walk around the area with some greenery. Even the plants here look like tropical plants in fall colors. This day couldn't have been more perfect - an unforgettable summer day on the beach in Chicago.

Can you find the image, which is really from Mexico?

I definitely can't wait for their big day next fall with my wonderful friend Megan from North Shore Weddings and Events. If you want to see more work of North Shore Weddings and Events click here for a gorgeous Jackson Hole wedding.