When it comes to your own wedding day you will put a lot of time and thoughts into your wedding details. The most important things are your outfits. You will spend lots of time trying to find the right dress or suit. Then you will think about what shoes & accessories to wear not to forget your beautiful engagement ring and wedding bands. In addition, you will also think about all your other wedding details such as your invitation suite. What do you want your invitation to look like? All these little details matter on your wedding day and you want to make sure that they all will be captured. That way you will be reminded of them forever even if you don’t own a wedding invitation sample anymore later in life.
This is where I step in and I will make sure to capture all those details. I not only will capture them in ‘just’ an image. I will essentially spend an ample amount of time on your wedding day to prop your invitation suite and all your important details you want me to. I will do this in form of ‘flatlays’, where I take my own backdrops with me and my prop kit. My prop kit and backdrops contain all sort of different colors so I can match the according color to your wedding color theme. My prop kit contains silk and ribbons, ring boxes such as The Mrs Box (square) and the Je Promis Box (oval) in different colors. I do have different trays and geolites in my kit to make sure that I capture your precious details in an editorial way you will cherish forever.
My clients do appreciate the amount of time I am putting into capturing their details and do specifically hire me for this. If you want your wedding to look like made out of a magazine then I will make sure to capture all your wedding details in that manner as well as your ceremony, cocktail and reception details.
jimmy choo wedding shoes
Jimmy Choo shoes
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